Saturday, December 31, 2011


Kindly post your requests here and I'll see if I have the links. Also you may refer some links and with your permission I'll post the links, that way we all benefit by sharing the music.

I truly hope that we can make this site more interactive.

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Enjoy as always.


hyperpunky said...

Thanks for inviting me to contribute to this blog

Vivaldimort said...

Amazing, truly amazing blog, thank you for mountains of pleasure I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.

I'd be bold to ask, but Andrew Doulton has an album of Purcell songs and airs which I can't find in stores in my country and would love to have it. Also, anything by Diana Damrau would be a treat!

Hola said...

I'm looking for some of Di Stefano's recordings of operettas.
Nice blog! :)

zzzyva said...

I'll try to find those recordings. Keep on checking the blog

Vivaldimort said...

Don't worry, I'm addicted to this blog!

Also, David Daniel's album "A Quiet Thing" is extremely difficult to find - I'd love some help!

Manutotox said...

The VII part of "Canciones Españolas / Berganza, Yepes, Lavilla" is not working. Please correct this error.

freddy said...

hello i was looking for an album that a frind of mine recommended, wander if you have it:
Hummel: Ballet Music from Sappho von Mitilene, Das Zauberschloß
performer: howard shelley


mnwugn86 said...

Piotr Beczala's solo album "Salut", please?

GilinAZ said...

Just wondered if you might have Rossini/Respighi "La Boutique Fantasque" ballet and Glazounov's "The Seasons" ballet?


alex g. said...

hello zyva!
thanks for the great music.
i just wonder why the only flag
that missing in the visitors place
is my flag: israel.
incident? or...

Vivaldimort said...

I wanted to thank you for the amazing work but also suggest something
Rapidshare is a nightmare to work with - perhaps use mediafire instead or as well, for us without an international credit card? :)

Erik Wolfmann said...

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful blog.

Could you possibly find Okashiro's performances of either her Wagner piano transcriptions or her Mahler's 1st symphony solo?

Anonymous said...

Anything of Catoire on piano? His smaller unknown works would be a pleasure to listen to , I Think Hyperion has a recording but can't find it here. Thanks for a greAt Blog, keep it up!

eyal barzilay said...

first of all, I love this blog
it's well organized and have realy great stuff.
Can u upload - Bach-Mass in B minor BWV 232
Conducted by Karl Richter
this unique interpretation.
thanks a lot.

nnonny said...

Thank you very much for the very well organized blog. And for all your work in tracking down rare recordings..

Do you know if the Hurford cycle of Bachs organ music is available ? i havent seen it anywhere, except i think a stray cd..

Also will you consider uploading to another fileshare site also? Rapidshare does not allow resuming downloads so it makes it absolutely impossible for those of us with slow intermittent isp connections... and allow resumption so files can atleast be downloaded bit by bit..

Thank you again..

nabucconegro said...

Could somebody re-upload "Parsifal" with G. Jones 1970, please?

glòria said...

I find absolutely interesting all you have in your blog. I will never ask you never but there is. If I do not find the music I want, I will buy it.
Thanks. You are very generous!

pacoerre said...

Please, I need the WinRar password of Tchaikovsky - Korngold Violin concertos. Where are??? Thanks a lot

mates said...

Hello, thanks for the great site.
I was wondering if you had Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 3, as this seems to be the only missing disk from his series.

Koen said...


recently enjoyed the andreas staier records. he's really exceptional.

still looking for his recent Schubert album with sonata d894 and some impromptus

jeirich said...

Thanks very much for all the great shares.

Would you happen to have Bowen Piano Music by Stephen Hough (Hyperion)? Thanks very much in advance!

jeirich said...

Any chance of getting hold of Stephen Hough's album of piano music by York Bowen on Hyperion? It's scarce as hen's teeth.

Thanks in advance.

Koen said...

Beethoven harnoncourt links:

enjoy this splendid music

Marc said...

Thank's for the beautiful music offered on your blog (my favourite one !).
I'm looking for Rossini's Maometto II (Anderson, Ramey, Scimone), but never found any link.
Many thanks for your tremedous job !

Ed said...

This is a great resource and blog. I thank you for this.
Could you re-up: Haydn-The Creation, please?
Links are down.

Berni (Austria) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
missa de voce said...


please can you re upload volumes 31 and volume 33 from Hyperion Schubert
edition , thanks

calebe barros said...

Hello, can you post please Die Zauberflote conducted by René Jacobs please?

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