Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chant Grégorien [HMA190235.37] Alfred Deller & Deller Consort

Chant Grégorien [HMA190235.37] Alfred Deller & Deller Consort
Classical | EAC APE+CUE+LOG | 3CD/1.0GB | Covers+Booklet |

Alfred Deller usually is credited with single-handedly bringing about the revival of interest in early music in this century. The music on these '70s-era recordings is about as early as you can get, originating as early as the 10th century, and much of it used in liturgical functions until recent times. Rather than just a collection of random chants, Deller and his choir of seven male voices offer several programs organized into themes, some of which are wedding music, chants to the Virgin, and funeral elegies. Also included on this three-disc set is a complete mass, procession music for Vespers, and a Medieval liturgical drama, the "Prague Easter Play." These fine singers are well suited to ensemble performance--although aficionados of chant may question the prominence of the countertenor voices, namely Deller and his son, in this repertoire.

David Vernier,

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