Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enrico Caruso : The Complete Caruso - Box Set 12 CDs - 2004

Enrico Caruso : The Complete Caruso - Box Set 12 CDs - 2004
APE + CUE / No LOG | 2.7 GB
Total playing-time: 14h 19mins. | front/back cover + booklet | Covers | Booklet | 36 parts

The transfers date from the 1970s and 1980s, made with the "Soundstream" process developed by the late Thomas Stockham, an early type of digital recording. Curiously, there is no mention of Stockham's technical contribution in this set, whereas in previous packages the "Stockham Soundstream" banner was quite prominently featured. The technique puts Caruso's voice front and center, with little or no regard to the instruments behind him, and a high amount of the surface noise is removed. While Naxos' set makes no pretensions toward representing Caruso's recordings as being anything other than what they are sonically, there are plenty of listeners who will prefer the RCA Red Seal version simply because it is less noisy. Also, while priced one dollar above the Naxos set, with RCA's ready availability in retail, sale pricing can take the cost even below the competition. The incomparable recorded treasures of Enrico Caruso have never been so inexpensive to obtain as now, and no matter which complete Caruso set one decides to obtain, there is room for both.

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CD1-1 CD1-2 CD1-3

CD2-1 CD2-2 CD2-3

CD3-1 CD3-2 CD3-3

CD4-1 CD4-2 CD4-3

CD5-1 CD5-2 CD5-3

CD6-1 CD6-2 CD6-3

CD7-1 CD7-2 CD7-3

CD8-1 CD8-2 CD8-3

CD9-1 CD9-2 CD9-3

CD10-1 CD10-2 CD10-3

CD11-1 CD11-2

CD12-1 CD12-2 CD12-3


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