Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Romantic Piano Concerto Series · Vol. 17 · Mendelssohn · Piano Concertos · Capriccio · Rondo

The Romantic Piano Concerto · Vol. 17 · Mendelssohn · Piano Concertos 1 & 2 ·
Capriccio Brillant · Rondo Brillant · Serenade · Allegro giocoso

APE 3.99 | CUE | Booklet | 241 MB

Stephen Hough (piano), City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Lawrence Foster (conductor)

'The soft, stylish arpeggios that open the first work on the disc announce immediately that something special is on the way. Hough is now clearly first recommendation in the concertos' (Gramophone)

'Once again we have Stephen Hough lavishing his exciting gifts upon a splendid Mendelssohn programme. I cannot envisage this splendidly recorded disc being absent from the year's honours list' (Classic CD)

'[Hough] can scamper with the best and is able to incorporate delightful capriciousness without derailing the flow of thought ... These performances…boast of nearly ideal lightness, vivacity and impetus' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Hough offers far greater elegance and plusher tone ... Hough is, as always, a delight to listen to, such as in his quicksilver scattering of thirds in the last movement of the Second Concerto' (Fanfare)

'It should perhaps come as no surprise that Stephen Hough should prove so perfectly attuned to these works … if you opt for just a single recording, this would make an excellent first choice' (Gramophone)

'He is all fleet-fingered exhilaration in the outer movements and relaxes appealingly when the music turns inwards' (International Piano)

'Stephen Hough searches out the lyrical essence of the music rather than going for glitz’ (Stereo Review)


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